In any situation where one of our client organisations has had a requirement to retain our services, then that element of work has always been secured – a 100% record and evidence of totally satisfied clients.
Our consultancy business has grown based on our up to date practical knowledge of catering and a hands-on style of approach. Coupled with a genuine desire to improve service provision whilst satisfying all qualitative and financial objectives. There are no ‘standard’ or ‘normal’ answers, the ideal solution is always individually assessed and proposed on a case by case basis.

Having had a collective 50 years experience in the hospitality business within contract catering (Corporate and Independent) and hotels and restaurants as well as having personally managed our own business, we fully understand the operational demands on any style of catering service, – there is no substitute for practical commercial experience!!

Our services are only ever delivered directly by Roy and Julie Miller, the Owners of ICC, and we will only utilise expert Associate Consultants as and when required to support Client specific projects.

This personal ownership of our business is taken to each and every Client project allowing us to deliver bespoke solutions which have delivered service enhancements time and again.

Roy Miller – Owner Director

My first job in this fascinating industry was as a weekend kitchen porter quickly followed by a summer working in the Wimpy bar in St. Andrews. After chefing in various establishments, including one of Egon Ronay’s Hotels of the year, while gaining my Higher Diploma in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management. I then joined Gardner Merchant as a Catering Manager. Various roles in both operations and sales over 15 years led to London for a period of 2 years as UK Sales Director for a large American corporation. On returning home to Scotland in my role as MD for Scotland and International Oil, I was responsible for £85M turnover with 2700 employees in 5 countries including many challenging locations.

I was then approached to set up a small independent contract catering company in Scotland which really completed the full circle of experience.

We know exactly what can and cannot be achieved within the set financial parameters and how the contract catering industry operates. The strengths and weaknesses across the board and I guarantee that in any of our projects the deal will be structured to the satisfaction of Client, Customer and Caterer. Our wide knowledge and expertise in this industry allows us to work for the benefit of the Client, Customer and Caterer.

Some Client quotes that have made the last 10 years so much fun!!

  • Wow, that is impressive, they clearly want our business

  • How can this work? It is not sustainable; do they think we are totally naive?

  • Roy, I cannot believe the difference in pricing from the bidders given the same specification and information

Julie Miller – Owner Director

As a Catering Consultant my role is to identify opportunities to assist Clients and Caterers achieve their organisation’s commercial and qualitative goals within their catering services.

Having worked and been extremely successful in the catering and support services market for 20 years, including working for two global organisations and an independent operator I have a wealth of experience in all market sectors of the catering industry. My strength is attention to detail in service delivery and I really like working with the catering team to develop “good” into “excellent”.

I always challenge how things are done and ask if things could be done better. My success to date is assisted by my ability to tune very quickly into Client’s needs and requirements and at the same time ensuring proposed changes are achievable. My commitment to my Clients as their catering consultant is to ensure that recommended changes and service promises are delivered by their chosen service provider and that when the project is complete then the solution delivered best value.

If you are looking to employ the services of a catering consultant, call Ideal Catering Consultancy today on 07831 496367 or 01506 847255.