We have been able to assist in qualitative and financial improvements in the catering services as in every situation we have manged the same issue within another environment.

Our other sector clients have several catering outlets which are open to the public such as the Artisan Café at Southampton Solent University, The Gallery Café on Regent Street, London, an important part of the University of Westminster and the Public Café at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Our wide experience allows Ideal Catering Consultancy to work closely with you to enhance and develop your catering offer.

Catering Services Review
Our recommended starting point is a thorough review of services and requirements. Clients may not be sure of the best options for their particular situation. Several days will be spent on location viewing the services, meeting with stakeholders and information gathering. A detailed report will follow with an in-depth qualitative and financial review covering all aspects of service delivery including a full set of option appraisals on the future management of the catering services. Options for in-house delivery, out-sourcing and an analysis of existing services will all be included.